We accept weddings as a gift of God. It is a sacral bond between a man and a woman. Married couples are supposed to live in love with each other with devotion and faithfulness, and they should support each other.

Christian marriage is a holy agreement, which mirrors baptism. It is made between a man and a woman, before the face of God, and within the presence of witnesses and family. The marriage ceremony is for an engaged couple, who wish to celebrate their marriage within a Christian ceremony. Its structure corresponds with the Sunday service, so that part of it is preaching, prayer and worship songs. The course of the wedding ceremony expresses the equal partnership of a man and a woman in Christian marriage, and that they enter into a relationship of their own free will. All present are invited to participate in blessing the engaged couple and in the blessing of their marriage, to join in prayer, and in worship songs. The facultative part of wedding ceremony is the Eucharist.

Before entering into marriage the engaged couple is invited to participate in special meetings, where the preacher is preparing them for their future married life. The pastor discusses with them the practical issues, which they can encounter, but also reads with them the biblical texts concerning the relationship between a man and a woman. If a divorced person requests a wedding ceremony and wishes to enter into a new marriage, the part of premarital discussion is also the topic of reason including why the previous marriage failed. Within these debates the couple is encouraged to self-reflection.